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Lazarro: Sofa, armchair, ottoman

Modern upholstered furniture set Lazarro Lazarro uphlostered furniture set Sofa Lazarro 140 cm with traditional armrests Sofa Lazarro 176 cm with raised armrests modern sofa Lazarro 220 cm Sofa Lazarro 236 cm A large sofa Lazarro 280 cm Armchair Lazarro (70 cm ) Detachable Lazarro ottoman 130 x 80 cm Lazarro - Sofa bed Armrest in Lazarro sofa Original cushions system Ottoman (60 x 60 cm) in Lazarro set

Description of furniture from Lazarro collection

"Lazarro" sofa is the most recent work of our designers. While designing the sofa, our designers took even the smallest details into consideration to make a perfect sofa. "Lazarro's" harmonious and well-balanced contours, full of simplicity and rawness is delightful. Thanks to the single-module design of this piece of furniture, the installed seat can be very wide, making the sofa extremely comfortable and allowing you to rest well. High seating comfort is additionally increased by an innovative backseat system that, thanks to their special profiles and cuts can be raised, increasing the backseat area and comfort. The functionality of the sofa has also been increased by adding adjustable side armrests. The aesthetic qualities of the sofa are additionally improved by chromed strips supporting it. One of the most important advantages of the collection is its innovative and proprietary sleeping function. It consists in moving the ottoman close to the sofa and joining them together. In this way, you get a very comfortable bed for everyday sleeping thanks to its spring system and high-resilience filler foam. Armchairs and ottomans are also available in the collection. The model is also manufactured in corner options. The type and colour of the upholstery are chosen by the client.

Technical description / Seat

The frame of the sofa is a hybrid structure combining elements of a furniture board with solid beech wood and selected spruce wood. The Lazarro system has an exclusive, 8-ply seat system.

Recommended dimensions

Total depth: 100 cm

seat - 41 cm
armrest - 58 cm
backrest - 73 cm
backrest with low cushion - 83,5 cm
backrest with high cushion - 97 cm

Lazarro: Sofa, armchair, ottoman: Optional sleeping function

Type: Daily sleeping

This type of sleeping function is designed for both occasional sleeping and, because of its very comfortable design, everyday sleeping. The Lazarro Lock Up system is set up by sliding the ottoman to the sofa or corner sofa and then locking it up using special mechanisms to the metal frame of the sofa. In this way, after removing the cushions from the backseat, you have a large sleeping area. The greatest advantage of this system is a stable and comfortable sleeping area.

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