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  • a comfortable corner sofa lazarro with chrome highlights
  • custom-sized comfortable corner sofa
  • corner with raised backrest

Comfortable Lazarro corner sofa

Lazarro Photo Gallery

Comfortable corner sofa Lazarro 236 x 170 cm with chrome legs functional and original corner sofa, nr. 1 Sleeping function obtained by pushing ottoman to sofa functional and original corner sofa, nr. 2 original sleeping function corner sofas poland functional coffee table in the lazarro collection Cushions system in Lazarro Collection multi-reliance on its side sofa corner Exclusive corner sofa Ottoman and sofa Adjustable armrests in a modern corner lazarro: natural leather sofa corner Lazarro: rear view corner sofa in lime leather

The proposed dimensions of this corner sofa

Total depth: 100 cm
seat - 41 cm | armrest - 58 cm | backrest - 73 cm | backrest with low cushion - 83,5 cm | backrest with high cushion - 97 cm

Lazarro corner sofa: Comfort and italian modernity

Dive in the softness of the extremely comfortable Lazarro corner sofa. This is a perfect solution for those who value their comfort. The innovative headrest system is an additional asset. Each cushion in the backrest is movable, allowing for manual adjustment of the depth of the seat and the height of head support. Moreover, as a standard option, each of both wide armrests is movable and their height can be adjusted using the installed mechanism.

The aesthetics of this simple corner sofa is further improved by chromed frame supporting the piece. In order to meet the needs of our most demanding Clients, the sofa has an original sleeping function available by moving the ottoman close to the sofa and attaching it to the chromed structure, which prevents from detachment of the elements.

The Lazarro collection is bigger and it also includes a version of the Grand corner sofa, an armchair and an ottoman.

Technical details of the Lazarro corner sofa

Unparalleled softness and springiness of the seat has been achieved through carefully selected components, especially a proper Bonnell unit and high-resilience foam supported on a safe and sturdy wooden board frame. Each client can create their own corner sofa by choosing their desired upholstery in any colour from the available sample books with natural leather, articifial leather and upholstery fabrics. In general, the design of the seat is a proven, very exclusive system of as many as 8 layers:

Lazarro corner sofa: Sleeping function

See: Lazarro Lock Up sleeping system

Type: Everyday sleeping