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  • ekstrawagancka sofa linea do nowoczesnego salonu
  • ekstrawagancka sofa linea do nowoczesnego salonu

Modern New Line sofa

Modern New Line sofa, 1 new line - sofas 2015 sofas poland close to the exclusive side of the sofa Raised backrests raised headrests system exclusive stitching sofa

Description of the sofa

New Line sofa is our designers' most recent work. It is perfect for all the connoisseurs of light, modern shapes standing on chromed, oblong legs. An interesting addition are quilted seats, backseats and sides of the sofa which, apart from aesthetic qualities, play an important role in maintaining the durability of the seat, preventing from wrinkling of the upholstery. The basic advantage of the sofa is its comfortable, multi-layer seat structure.

The seat used in the sofa

The frame of the sofa is a hybrid structure combining elements of a furniture board with solid beech wood and selected spruce wood. The Linea sofa has an exclusive, 7-zone seat system, composed of the following elements (from top to bottom layers):

Recommended dimensions

Sofa dimensions: 270 cm x 250 cm, armchair: 80 cm x 90 cm

Proposed height of sofa:
seat - 37 cm
bok - 65 cm
backrest - 69 cm
backrest + spread headrests - 92 cm