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Sofa bed Veleno

Sofa Veleno 230 cm in plaid fabric leisure furniture poland, picture 1 veleno coach Veleno - retro stylized sofa leisure furniture poland, picture 2leisure furniture poland, picture 3leisure furniture poland, picture 4leisure furniture poland, picture 5leisure furniture poland, picture 6leisure furniture poland, picture 7leisure furniture poland, picture 8leisure furniture poland, picture 9leisure furniture poland, picture 10leisure furniture poland, picture 11leisure furniture poland, picture 12leisure furniture poland, picture 13leisure furniture poland, picture 14 Sofa with sleeping function sofa manufacturer 
The functional and modern two-tone sofa two-color cushions upholstered sofa Uphlostered ottoman 70 x 70 cm

Description of the leisure furniture

The Veleno sofa is a combination of a classical form with functionality ensured by the daily sleeping function. The seats have been designed to ensure comfortable use, especially in smaller apartments. At any moment, the seat can be converted into a comfortable sleeping bed. The sleeping comfort is ensured by 7 different layers used in the seat and in the backrest, such as: T-30 cold foam, upholstery belts and bonnell springs. Moreover, the model is equipped with a spacious bedding container.

Thanks to the wooden board frame, the sofa will last many years and thick, decovative top-stitching will be a pleasure to look at for years as well. The type and colour of the upholstery are chosen by the client. We also recommend the armchair and ottoman available in the collection.

Seat manufacturing details

Suggested dimensions of Veleno upholstered set

Depth: 100 cm, Height:
seat - 43 cm
armrest - 59 cm
backrest - 64 cm
backrest + cushions - 87 cm

Sofa bed Veleno: Built-in sleeping function

Type: Daily sleeping