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Fusion modern corner sofa

Corner sofa Fusion in a modern interior Fusion modern corner sofa 2Fusion modern corner sofa 3 corner sofas poland close to the corner with cushions Original corner sofa armrest 
Exclusive hand-stitched seat corner sofa in washable, violet fabric innovative corner fusion extravagant corner sofa narożnik pomarańczowy Green corner sofa large corner into the room Cushions Lazarro: back view Corner sofa Fusion from above Original armrest fusion corner sofa Corner sofa with exclusive leather, red Fusion Corner sofa with wooden armrest according to customer Exclusive corner of an antique leather Integral cushions in the Fusion corner sofa Fusion Corner Sofa - natural leather + cleanable fabric Armrest made in steel Armrest in Fusion Corner Sofa Fusion: back view Fusion close-up

Different dimension variants

Do you want to order a corner in another dimension? Contact us!

Total depth: 112 cm
seat - 43 cm | backrest - 90 cm | armrest - 60 cm

Corner sofa Fusion: Najważniejsze zalety

The design of the Fusion corner sofa is very light and its characteristic feature is the innovative headrest system. By changing the seating depth, it is very easy to transform the seats into a comfortable sleeping couch without the need for additonal frames or mechanisms. Thanks to the rail guides installed in the backrests, each user can adjust their comfortable depth of the seat. Steel and chromed elements together with quilted and top-stitched seats give this piece even more elegant look. One of the trademarks of the fashionable Fusion corner sofa is also the chromed armrest being an integral part of the leg.

The Fusion corner sofa is also available in many sizes. Some of the variants are equipped with standard armrests and can be equipped with a designer's bookcase installed in one of the sides. At individual requests, we can also make the Fusion corner sofa in other versions. The Fusion collection also includes an ottoman and an armchair.

The clients an choose any type or colour of the upholstery.

Exclusive seat

The frame of the sofa is a hybrid structure combining elements of a furniture board with solid beech wood and selected spruce wood. High seating comfort is ensured by specific structure of the corner sofa seat, made up of as many as 7 layers, such as: T-40 and K-35 foam and silicone fabric. The set looks like that: