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  • Lorena: Italian styling and Polish production
  • Designer corner sofa Lorena

Lorena Corner sofa

Exclusive corner sofa, Italian Design

Designer corner sofa Lorena Lorena: Italian styling and Polish production beautiful corner sofa1 Lorena Corner sofa with belgian frame Corner sofa with occasional sleeping system corner at the exhibition in showroom in Warsaw additional photo: corner sofa with cushions lorena corner sofa seat Adjustable armrest The method of sewing in the Lorena collectionu Chrome, original legs of sofas from Lorena collection

Examples of different colors in A variant: 285 x 226 cm

beautiful corner sofa2beautiful corner sofa3beautiful corner sofa4beautiful corner sofa5beautiful corner sofa6beautiful corner sofa7beautiful corner sofa8beautiful corner sofa9beautiful corner sofa10beautiful corner sofa11beautiful corner sofa12beautiful corner sofa13beautiful corner sofa14beautiful corner sofa15beautiful corner sofa16

For this corner sofa, we suggest the following size variants:

For this corner sofa, we suggest the following height:
seat - 44 cm | lifted armrest - 60 cm | rear backrest - 62 cm | folded backrest - 80 cm | lifted backrest - 100 cm


Lorena corner sofa is a perfect combination of comfort, lightness and practicality. This piece is one of the most recent work of our designers, who took pains to satisfy even the most demanding Clients. Exclusive, quilted seats and headrests give the corner sofa an elegant touch. Thick thread top-stitching is also a nice addition. The most important feature of the piece is the sitting comfort achieved by innovative, adjustable headrests. The perfect addition to the comfortable leisure set is the adjustable armrest that allows you to support your arm while sitting or your head while lying.

This model can be further equipped with the traditional Belgian sleeping system. The frame of the furniture is made of solid wood and furniture boards. A sofa, armchairs and ottomans are also available in the collection. The colour and upholstery of the piece are chosen by the Client.

An exclusive seat of the corner sofa

High seating comfort is ensured by specific structure of the sofa seat, made up of as many as 7 layers, such as: T-40 foam, high-resilience belts and K-35 foam. The set looks like that:

Lorena Corner sofa: Optional sleeping function

Type: Occasional sleeping

This unfolding type is designed for occasional sleeping and is made of a light aluminium structure with a system of springs and spring strips together with a foam mattress. In order to use this function, you have to remove the seat cushions from the sofa and put them aside. After removing the cushions, you have to unfold the 3-fold frame to gain access to comfortable sleeping area that can be used for occassional sleeping.

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