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Domino upholstered set

modern sofa bed, pic. 1 modern sofa bed, pic. 2 Optional sleeping function - belgian system Sofa Domino 170 cm Sofa Domino 210 cm modern sofa bed, pic. 3modern sofa bed, pic. 4modern sofa bed, pic. 5modern sofa bed, pic. 6modern sofa bed, pic. 7modern sofa bed, pic. 8modern sofa bed, pic. 9modern sofa bed, pic. 10modern sofa bed, pic. 11modern sofa bed, pic. 12modern sofa bed, pic. 13modern sofa bed, pic. 14modern sofa bed, pic. 15modern sofa bed, pic. 16modern sofa bed, pic. 17modern sofa bed, pic. 18modern sofa bed, pic. 19modern sofa bed, pic. 20modern sofa bed, pic. 21modern sofa bed, pic. 22modern sofa bed, pic. 23modern sofa bed, pic. 24modern sofa bed, pic. 25modern sofa bed, pic. 26modern sofa bed, pic. 27 sofa which can be split to sleep 2-seater sofa, very modern - furniture store poland raised, very comfortable headrest mounted on the sofa 
way sewing Domino sofas Optional fridge in the sofa Domino

Description of the sofa

Modern sofa Domino has a very original head restraint system. This unparalleled in other sofas system allows lift the backrest up radically changing the seat depth and height of the sofa. You can thus customize the sofa to suit your needs. Surely no one will go next to the sofa with indifference and her genuine solution will give any extravagant interior dimension. Upholstery is completely arbitrary.

Technical description of the Domino collection

The frame of this piece of furniture has a hybrid structure, combining the elements of a furniture board with solid beech wood and selected spruce wood. The Domino model has an exclusive, 7-layered seat system:

Dimensions proposals:

Sofa dimensions: 210 cm x 100 cm, armchair: 110 cm x 100 cm Sofa dimensions: 190 cm x 100 cm, armchair: 110 cm x 100 cm Sofa dimensions: 170 cm x 100 cm, armchair: 110 cm x 100 cm

seat - 41 cm
armrest - 55 cm
folded backrest - 75 cm
spread backrest - 115 cm

Domino upholstered set: Optional sleeping function

Type: Occasional sleeping

This unfolding type is designed for occasional sleeping and is made of a light aluminium structure with a system of springs and spring strips together with a foam mattress. In order to use this function, you have to remove the seat cushions from the sofa and put them aside. After removing the cushions, you have to unfold the 3-fold frame to gain access to comfortable sleeping area that can be used for occassional sleeping.

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