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  • bed elegance in a modern bedroom
  • Elegance bedroom furniture

Elegance bedroom furniture

Bed elegance in a modern bedroom Bedding container Collection of bedroom furniture elegance elegance bed in warsaw, poland modern beds poland bedhead The bed in the blue, washable Exclusive fabric Elegance - upholstered bed back pink bed to the bedroom pneumatic frame in modern bed bedroom furniture elegance Dresser 110x45 cm Bedside table  Elegance 60x45 dressing table with mirror for the bedroom elegance

Description of Elegance bedroom furniture

The bed from Elegance bedroom furniture collection is a piece combining simplicity with comfort of the adjustable headrest. Its characteristic headrest can be adjusted to individual needs, ensuring proper head support and relaxation. Its solid structure is based on a furniture board and solid wood and softness is ensured by foam. The bed can be upholstered with a fabric, natural or artificial leather in a full range of colours available at our stores or the page with sample colours. Optionally, the bed can be equipped with a flexible plank frame with a bedding container underneath and thanks to pneumatic lifting devices and light steel structure of the frame, the container is easily accessible and can be lifted without effort.

The Elegance collection is not only the bed, but also nightstands, a chest of drawers and a dressing table - equipped with drawers, as well as a wardrobe with interior suited to individual needs of our Clients. One of the characteristic features is the frame of those veneered elements - partially open in nightstands and chests of drawers and fully enclosed in wardrobes. The colour of natural veneers used in the furniture is chosen by the Client. It is possible to use parameters other than basic ones in the individual elements of the Elegance collection.

Recommended dimensions of the presented bedroom furniture

bed size: 244 cm x 178 cm, dresser: 110 x 45 cm, bedside table: 60 cm bed size: 244 cm x 158 cm, dresser: 110 x 45 cm, bedside table: 60 cm bed size: 244 cm x 198 cm, dresser: 110 x 45 cm, bedside table: 60 cm

Side height - 28 cm
Dresser height - 90 cm
Headrest height - 75 cm when folded headrest
Nightstand height - 35 cm