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We only use best quality materials.

In order to maintain our reputation and exclusive quality of our products, VIERI DIVANI company uses only cutting-edge, attested and verified materials, textiles, upholstery leathers, foams and silicone fillings in the process of furniture production. In order to ensure European standards, most of the components for the production of furniture is imported from EU countries, mainly from Italy. Therefore, our products have top quality which makes VIERI DIVANI brand a symbol of unparalleled durability.

Our collection includes several hundred of textiles, leathers (both eco-friendly and natura), available in a number of colours. You choose the design and colour of the upholstery as our furniture are made upon individual requests from our Clients in the first place.

Natural leather

All of the offered leather types come from Italian tanneries. They are made with cutting-edge technology and respect for many years of tradition. All of our leathers have ISO 9002 certificates. Natural leathers have been divided into two price groups.

Standard Collection

Wear resistance

50 000 cycles

The basic type of Madras type leather used in furniture industry with slightly corrected grain.
Natural leather MS
Natural leather Madras
Natural leather Madras Duma

Exclusive Collection

Wear resistance

50 000 cycles

Very delicate and soft skin. It fits the furniture perfectly. It has partially corrected, top-grain. This leather is dyed with one colour. The leather is manufactured from selected materials.
Natural leather Feeling
Natural leather TD
Natural leather CR
Natural leather Roma