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Do you make custom-sized furniture?

Our company specializes in making furniture according to the individual needs of our clients. The basic change in the case of most of the furniture are their dimensions - width, length, height or depth and sometimes even their shape. Each of our product, be it leisure furniture or living room furniture, tables or beds, can be tailored to our Client's needs. Of course we also have basic models offered in their catalogue versions. However, we are always open to our Client's suggestions.

Apart from changing the size, our Clients can choose colours, type of upholstery or material used to manufacture the furniture. Our qualified advisors can also tell you about many other possible changes to a given product. Each of our Clients becomes somewhat the author - designer of our furniture.

Do you charge a fee for the transport of your furniture? Can you transport the furniture to a specific location?

Contact us to obtain personalized information.

Is the furniture covered by warranty?

All of our products are covered by a 24-month warranty. All the terms and conditions are specified in the Warranty Card attached to the order agreement (on the side - as a downloadable file). During the 2-year warranty term, we accept complaints by e-mail. After sending a complaint, you will receive a Complaint Form (you can download it here) that you must complete and send back to the following e-mail address: We would appreciate it if you could attach photos showing the problem in question. You will receive a reply by e-mail or phone within 14 days, informing you about the consideration of the complaint. We analyze each complaint very carefully.

Are there any additional charges for changing the dimensions?

Our Clients often ask this question when they hear that we make custom-sized furniture at individual requests. As we specialize in such services, we do not charge extra for changing the dimensions. In the case of upholstered furniture, changes in dimensions within the limit of 20 cm do not affect the price of the basic model from the price list. Other dimensions are calculated on the basis of running meters of a given upholstery for a specific model of leisure furniture. In the case of living room furniture or other veneered furniture, each dimension that differ significantly from the dimension offered by us must be calculated individually depending on the proposed changes. If the changes concern the dimensions only, it is calculated just as in the case of upholstered furniture. However, different dimensions in such type of furniture often force us to make design changes, which entails the need for individual pricing.

How long must I wait for the furniture?

This is a frequent question asked before placing an order. Below, there are specific periods of manufacture for individual types of furniture.* Sometimes orders are completed sooner. While signing the agreement, you can also provide the exact date of delivery of the order, if such a period falls later than the ones given below (e.g. in two or six months):

  • for leisure furniture and upholstered beds - 4 weeks
  • for living room furniture and bedroom furniture - 4-6 weeks
  • for tables, coffee tables and chairs - 4-5 weeks
*this does not apply to Christmas, New Year and Easter - in such cases, the above periods will be extended and the Clients will be notified about that before signing the agreement.

Do you make furniture other than the ones in your catalogue?

We can make furniture on the basis of an individual design, however, we do not make replicas of models manufactured by other companies. We can make leisure furniture according to the Client's needs, based on our models only if the proposed changes do not interfere with the technology and are possible to implement in a given model (e.g. change of legs, replacing a chaise lounge with an armrest or vice versa, raising the back rest, making or removing a bookcase or pneumatic shelf etc.). As far as veneer furniture is concerned, there are much more possibilities. Each project is analyzed in terms of feasibility after determining all the parameters. We have experience in making whole sets of furniture for living rooms, bedrooms and other interiors in many variants according to designs provided to us when buying our furniture.

Vieri Divani - what company it is?

This is a question we hear often at our stores. The name of our retail stores can be misleading as it originated from Italian language. However, the company is Polish, has a long carpentry tradition and originates from Kalwaria Zebrzydowska - the heartland of furniture industry in southern Poland. Natural leather and some upholstery fabrics are, indeed, Italian.

Handicraft - an advantage or disadvantage?

Votes this topic probably will be many, as usual there will be supporters and opponents, but in today's automated time when in many spheres machines have replaced human hands man began to appreciate again handcrafted products. When you buy furniture from us, you become the owner of something unique. That's why our handicraft products stand out in the foreground. It was not enough that we can choose any color what furniture could be made, we can determine the size, but also based on our solid design a piece of furniture according to your wishes solutions and finishes, fit it into your own interior. As a result, we become the owner of often unique products, original. In addition, the value of what made a man's hand is much higher than the product coming down the production line. What makes it even handicrafts workmanship, fine-tuning every detail, Age tradition, and hence, there is no trouble with the service. It all speaks a plus if someone is looking for something much individualized quality.