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  • Exclusive folding table Kolonia 180 cm
  • exclusive table for the living room

Wooden Kolonia table

Exclusive folding table Kolonia 180 cm Universal table with lacobel to the kitchen / dining / living room Black Kolonia table Table with white lacobel small wooden table kolonia close up kolonia table, poland tables poland kolonia - unfolded


A modern table with unfolding option, joined with a Lakobel pane serving as the table top (before unfolding). The characteristic feature of this model are legs that are fitted to the table top, creating a sort of a frame for the top. The table comes with one (wooden) insert hidden under the table top. The table is supported by rectangle-section legs with sides length of 12x4 cm. The table is made of furniture board and solid beech wood and finished with natural wood veneer and a layer of high-quality lacquer resistant to high temperatures and alcohol. The colours can be selected from the sample book or you can bring your own sample. The unfolding mechanism consists of solid wooden guide rails.

Custom-sized table. We suggest the following dimensions

Standard height: 75 cm