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  • Comfortable, exclusive, stylized sofa in a set of an armchair Retro
  • stylized sofa retro

Stylized sofa Retro

Comfortable, exclusive, stylized sofa in a set of an armchair Retro Old school sofa and armchair Retro sofa with sleep function Sofa Retro 146 cm with raised headrests comfortable Sofa Retro 186 cm Retro Sofa 3-seater 236 cm Retro armchair (106 cm) Ottoman Retro (70 x 70 cm) Exclusive Retro Sofa Armrest in Retro Sofa zbliżenie na wąski boczek sofy retro Original quilting backrest Headrest: Back view Headrest: Back view Optional belgian frame i retro sofas Sofa Retro spread to sleep

Retro: Sofas 60s in the new edition

Modern, comfortable, current stylistic shape with clear reference to the aesthetics of design furniture 60s. The line of sofas strongly relates to the design by the characteristic wooden leg and decorative, upholstered streak. Modernity adds luxury head restraints that make the sofa extremely comfortable. Originality sofa and armchair give the quilting of the backrest. We can optionally install the sleeping function (proven belgian system).

Exclusive seat

High seating comfort provides its specific structure of the seat, made up of 7 layers such as foam T-40 and K-35. The whole is as follows:

Suggested dimensions presented a set of furniture:

Total depth: 105 cm
The standard height of sofa and armchair:

seat: 42 cm
lifted backrest: 98 cm
folded backrest: 75 cm
armrest: 59

Stylized sofa Retro: Optional sleeping function

Type: Occasional sleeping

This unfolding type is designed for occasional sleeping and is made of a light aluminium structure with a system of springs and spring strips together with a foam mattress. In order to use this function, you have to remove the seat cushions from the sofa and put them aside. After removing the cushions, you have to unfold the 3-fold frame to gain access to comfortable sleeping area that can be used for occassional sleeping.

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