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  • quilted, very exclusive set of furniture
  • quilted, very exclusive set of furniture

Exclusive Manchester sofa

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Manchester: A royal design in your apartment

he model combines a classic design with extravagance, elegance with sophistication. The exclusive design of the couch adds a royal taste to any interior. The unique design of the sofa is enriched by quilting and hand-sewn buttons and studs. The sofa is made with an elite, very time-consuming, hand-made technique. Only in this way we can make such an exclusive product, requiring professional knowledge and skills.

The model is designed for both classical and modern interior design. The Manchester sofa will surely meet the requirements of even the most demanding and sophisticated Clients. The set does not have a sleeping function. Armchairs and ottomans are also available in the collection. The type and colour of the upholstery are chosen by the client.

Sofa structure

Model has an exclusive, 7-layered seat system:

Recommended dimensions

Sofa dimensions: 220 cm x 100 cm, armchair: 135 cm x 100 cm Sofa dimensions: 260 cm x 100 cm, armchair: 135 cm x 100 cm Sofa dimensions: 190 cm x 100 cm, armchair: 135 cm x 100 cm

backrest - 85 cm
seat - 40 cm