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Fargo swivel armchair

Design swivel ottoman Fargo Swivel ottoman Fargo with upholstered backrest Fargo chair in a restaurant Fargo armchair Armchair Fargo - backrest from the front Minimalist chair in a small room Armchair Fargo - invisible base


The Fargo armchair is a perfectly composed design of a small swivel armchair. It combines the functions of an armchair and an ottoman. Its very small and light design makes it a perfect choice for interiors, where every inch of living space counts. The armchair has a perfectly profiled backrest to increase seating comfort. Thanks to its dimensions, the armchair can also replace an ottoman, being much more comfortable to sit in. Fargo also has the function of a swivel armchair which makes it even more practical and facilitates communication between the users during meetings or events. Because of its original and universal design, Fargo can be a perfect addition to almost any of our leisure set collections. The Fargo armchair will also work very well in large public utility buildings.

Technical data od this armchair:

diameter - 62 cm
backrest height - 75 cm
seat height - 43 cm