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Innovative Stella sofa bed

modern sofa bed 1 Stella - Exclusive sofa to sleep Sofa with storage for bedding Sofa with easy-unfolding PDouble stitching on the sofa Stella modern sofa bed 2modern sofa bed 3modern sofa bed 4modern sofa bed 5modern sofa bed 6modern sofa bed 7modern sofa bed 8modern sofa bed 9modern sofa bed 10modern sofa bed 11modern sofa bed 12modern sofa bed 13modern sofa bed 14modern sofa bed 15modern sofa bed 16 Stella in Warsaw furniture store (Poland) Everyday sleeping system Stella

Description of the sofa and armchair

The innovative Stella sofa has been created for clients looking for a small sofa for everyday sleeping. This was the goal of our designers, who did an excellent job, creating a modern sofa utilizing the well-known and proven unfolding system. You can change the modern sofa into a comfortable bed to sleep in every day with ease. The multi-layer seat and backseat system that turns into sleeping area after unfolding makes the sleeping function an excellent choice even for the most demanding users. It is possible thanks to 6-layer seat, composed of: cold foam, bonnell-type springs, high-resilience belts.

As it has no armrests, the Stella sofa is very practical as it saves up a lot of space and its total area can be used for sleeping and seating. The visionary Stella sofa also has adjustable backseat angle to relax in half-lying position. Quilted seats and backseat give the sofa an elegant look. With its wooden board frame, the sofa will last you many years. The collection also includes an armchair and an ottoman available in a number of colours and upholstery types. The sofa has a bedding container.

Detailed design of the seat

The sofa uses an exclusive, 7-zone seating system excellent for comfortable rest and sleep:

Recommended dimensions

Sofa bed dimension: 203 cm x 103 cm, armchair: 93 cm x 90 cm

seat - 40 cm
backrest - 84 cm

Built-in system to everyday sleeping

This is the so called "sofa bed" system that has been used in the manufacture of leisure furniture for years. The upgraded version of this system is also used in our Stella collection. This type of sleeping function is also one of the most comfortable ones, designed primarily for everyday sleeping. The system is unfolded by releasing the locking mechanism and lowering the backseat, making it parallel to the seat and creating a comfortable and stable sleeping area. The advantage of this sleeping system is a very comfortable sleeping area.

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