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Loft system wall unit

Furniture RTV - Loft - custom-sized veneered furniture The original chest of drawers and Tip On chest One of the variants of the table from the collection of RTV Loft and a wooden tv panel Veneer's Loft available in three variants with modifications The proposal Loft living room furniture Proposal room furniture Loft Chest hanging System Tip On drawer in the furniture salon System Tip On the door drawers Loft The drawer in the table RTV Tip On Chrome-plated legs in furniture RTV Loft

Description of Loft veneered furniture

The light form of the collection will match any modern interior. The simple, futuristic line of the furniture is further intensified by subtle chromed legs and Lakobel glass additions available in a dozen or so colours (to be selected from the sample book).

The elements of the collection are available in several styles and dimensions. You can choose from:

  • a free-standing chest of drawers,
  • a hanging chest of drawers,
  • TV stand together with TV panel.
Those are our suggestions and they are usually sufficient to fully furnish the interior of your living room. However, you can modify each of the elements in terms of dimensions and functionality to suit your individual needs. What is more - we will be happy to prepare a design taking into consideration you needs and comments free of charge. Also remember that you can choose any colour of the veneers.

Custom-sized chest of drawers

The hanging chest of drawers

Proposals for the TV table