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  • stylized furniture for living room
  • stylized furniture for living room

Retro stylized furniture set

Classic furniture with a modern twist - Retro stylized furniture for living room Retro styled chest of drawers Styled table RTV Retro


Modern, stylistically up to date but with clear reference to the aesthetics of design furniture 60s. We present stylized TV Cabinets, drawers and display cabinets. Their distinctive and aesthetically pleasing feature is the wooden leg. They give the furniture a high-expressiveness and lightness. Simple veneered furniture lumps are surrounded by a 2 cm margin. Enriching element is glass-made fronts for black and illuminated the inner shelf. Drawers are opened in an exclusive Blum Tip-On touch system. Retro Collection is also a lounge furniture: sofas, corners, exclusive table and chairs and an interesting coffee table.

Stylized chest of drawers in different sizes

Variants of the display cabinet

Variants of the TV stand