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Wellness Box Comfort layered bed

layered bed Nightstand STNH4

Layered bed description

Wellness Box Comfort continental bed is an exclusive piece of continental (American) bed.

Its elegant design is ensured by original quilting of the head in diamond pattern. Each of those small upholstery elements is made individually and then attached to the head of the bed. This makes the head of the bed look really exclusive. Another advantage of the bed is its comfort ensured by the design based on two separate mattressess: a Bonnell-type mattres that also serves as the frame and a pocket mattress with 7-zone design which makes the bed extremely comfortable.

The bed requires no frame or any additional mattress. The only addition can be a several inch toper recommended for those who prefer a very soft bed. It is also possible to add another segment and to install a bedding container in the lower section of the bed, similar to Continental De Luxe continental bed.

Recommended dimensions of the presented bedroom furniture

bed size: 163 cm x 204 cm bed size: 183 cm x 204 cm bed size: 143 cm x 204 cm

The height used in bed:
Headrest height: 120 cm
Side height: 46 cm