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  • Turno - a bed on a round base
  • Turno - a bed on a round base

Round Turno bed

Turno - a bed on a round base

Round Turno bed

The new era in bedroom design - this was the motto of the design of Turno bed and its creators. The challenge was to match the rectangular mattress with a round shape of the bed. The idea has been put into practice perfectly. In Turno bed, the rectangular mattress was placed in a round, softly upholstered frame. Pneumatically lifted, side nightstands are a very practical and smart addition. The nightstand is embedded into the upholstered surface of the bed which makes it a perfect pad for dishes or drinks. The table can be finished with natural veneer in any colour or with either glossy or half-matte lacquer. The head of the bed is flat in the rear section, therefore the bed can be easily pushed against the wall. This is a functional response to fully round beds that cannot be put next to a wall due to their shape. Another advantage of the bed is the bedding container located under the mattress. It is lifted by gas lifting devices installed under the frame. The head of the bed is upholstered with eight elegant rectangles.


diameter of the bed: 250 cm diameter of the bed: 270 cm diameter of the bed: 290 cm

Height proposals:
side height: 30 cm
headrest height: 90 cm