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Exclusive Glamour bed

Bed with an exclusive quilted headboard Bedding container 
most exclusive bed Bed with an exclusive quilted headboard Exclusive Glamour footstool Quilted headboard Chesterfield The original and stylish Glamour footstool footstool on wooden legs upholstered footstool Exclusive quilted headboard bed Headboard in Glamour 180x200 cm Large, pneumatic container for bedding

Exclusive Glamour bed

The Glamour bed is surely one of the most exclusive beds you can find in our offer. Its central point is the classicist head upholstered with natural leather, artificial leather or fabric. The basic element of the bed is the elegant quilting of the backrest with stitching in the form of "diamonds", resembling Chesterfield-type couches. Making such a deep, buttoned head requires advanced tailoring and upholstery skills and is a very difficult and time-consuming task. The collection is complete with an original footrest supported on wooden, embossed legs giving the bed a sophisticated touch. Optionally, the bed can be equipped with a bedding container, as well as pneumatically lifted plank frame.

Suggested dimensions of this bed

bed size: 218 cm x 178 cm, footstool: 178 x 50 cm bed size: 218 cm x 158 cm, footstool: 158 x 50 cm bed size: 218 cm x 198 cm, footstool: 198 x 50 cm

Headrest height - 120 cm
Side height - 33 cm
Footstool height - 42 cm