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Exclusive Memory bed

Custom-sized, original bed Bedding container Exclusive Memory bed ekskluzywne tapicerowane łóżko Bed with soft headboard The container in the bed Memory Bedhead

Description of this bed

Memory bedroom furniture is characterized by sophistication and charm. It will satisfy not only Clients who love modern interiors, but also those, who prefer classical design.

The multiple, subtle square quilting is a perfect addition to the simple body of the piece.

The functionality of the bed can be further improved by adding a birch plank support frame lifted on pneumatic lifting devices. In this way, you can gain a convenient access to the bedding container.

As with other pieces, we allow our clients to choose the upholstery and colour of the bed freely.

Suggested dimensions of this bed

bed size: 217 cm x 179 cm bed size: 217 cm x 159 cm bed size: 217 cm x 199 cm

Headrest height - 97 cm
Side height - 34 cm
Front height - 56