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  • cheap continental bed
  • cheap continental bed

Tweed Box Standard Continental bed

cheap continental bed

Description of continental bed

The Tweed Box Standard model is a continental bed based on a Bonnell-type mattress that also serves as the support frame. For those who prefer harder mattresses, the bed requires nothing more but a slightly softening, several inch toper. Those who like softer beds, should buy a proper mattress. In this situation, the Bonnell-type mattress acts as the support frame that is no longer used in continental-type beds. The head quilted in the pattern of vertical strips is a decorative element of the bed. It is possible to change the type of the head and form of quilting.

Recommended dimensions of the presented bedroom furniture

bed size: 163 cm x 204 cm bed size: 183 cm x 204 cm bed size: 143 cm x 204 cm

The height used in bed:
Headrest height: 120 cm
Side height: 35 cm